Qamar Waheed Naqvi resigns from India TV

Qamar Waheed Naqvi

Nilendu Sen

It must have been an epiphany that while I sat watching Aap Ki Adalat with Narendra Modi, Saturday night, I could hardly see Qamar Waheed Naqvi (QWN), News Editor of the channel, fit into this scheme of things.. While I have no personal standing on Mr. Modi’s politics, as a media personnel I have always believed in the impartiality of the medium and the platform. Continue reading

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Salacious reporting


Jyoti Punwani

Talk about the media being salacious! Was it necessary to describe in detail the different ways of testing potency in a man, and the particular method used to test the 72-year-old Asaram’s claims of impotence? The Times of India (September 3) certainly went all the way, presenting a graphic picture of what was done to the “preacher” (as the TOI likes to call him) by the police. Shouldn’t we be crying hoarse about Asaram’s privacy being violated? Continue reading

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Media voyeurism sinks to another low!


Geeta Seshu

What vicarious pleasure can the media have with a first information report (FIR) in a rape case? Why, despite all the guidelines on coverage of rape cases and all the discussions on media ethics, does the media still get it wrong?  Continue reading

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Mainstreaming the counter Modi campaign

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Jyoti Punwani Is the counter-Modi campaign finally getting off the internet and on to hard print? On Sunday and Saturday, The Asian Age and Business Standard respectively, in special reports on Narendra Modi, had critically assessed the new growth messiah’s performance. Monday, July 22, … Continue reading

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TOI’s ‘reservations’ towards reserved categories in IITs


Jyoti Punwani

Once again, The Times of India’s Mumbai edition has front-paged the bad performance of reserved category students in the recently held IIT_JEE exams. “Prep classes to fill up IIT quota seats” says a headline in the top half of the front page of the Times dated Sunday, June 16. Continue reading

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No tribute to Engineer


Jyoti Punwani

Tributes poured in from across the world for scholar and reformist Asghar Ali Engineer, who passed away on Tuesday, May 14. But no leading news channel thought fit to do a tribute to him. He changed the way people think about Islam; his contribution to the Bohra Reform movement posed  such a  threat to the high priest of the community, that he was attacked six times, twice almost fatally, his house was ransacked… His feminist interpretation of Islam, his campaign against the overturning of the Shah Bano judgment , his efforts to codify Muslim personal law – all these were newsworthy as well as controversial events in his life which impacted the country. The strange thing Is that two of our leading TV personalities, Rajdeep Sardesai and Sreenivasan Jain, tweeted their tributes to him.  Rajdeep described him as a “dear friend and one of the bravest men I met”, while Jain said he “took on religious dogma, even at risk of violence by his own community”.  Why then didn’t they spare him some news time?

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For Jai


Seema Nair

(This is a personal memoir of the pioneering broadcaster who began her career in Indian television in 1961.  As of 11/05/2013 Jai Chandiram inhabits another world)

On the morning of April 30th, 2013, I tiptoed into the bedroom of an apartment in East of Kailash, New Dilli, to confront the image of Jai lying sleeping in her bed. Continue reading

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No women in Bengaluru?

Ammu Joseph

The day after the global One Billion Rising (OBR) event, a full page feature on crimes against women on the city page of Deccan Chronicle (Bangalore edition, p. 2) – under the general title, “Bengaluru:  No Woman’s Land” – suggested that there are no women in Bengaluru land.  The three reports making up the feature quoted six men (including a police officer and two psychiatrists) and just 1 woman (a counsellor and trainer).
Continue reading

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Crime and punishment in the TOI

The Times of India has issued a quarter page ad asking people to cast their votes in response to the following multiple choice question: Continue reading

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Can’t tributes to the dead be truthful?

Archana Venkat

Last week saw the death of a superstar. Rajesh Khanna perhaps took up as much newsprint and on air time in his death as he did in the prime of his acting career. Most reports and features were tributes to his great performances as an actor, and many took the liberty of gently admonishing today’s filmmakers by extolling the values of the 1970s era (romance and charm versus the ruthless violence shown in movies today). Continue reading

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